Marco Eugenio Escobar

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I am Ph.D. Candidate in Economics from the W.P.Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. My research focus on Economic Theory and Industrial Organization. I will be available for job interviews at the European Job Market for Economists 2021, TEC 2021, and the ASSA Meeting 2022.

My job market paper analyzes the interaction between a sender that wants to persuade a receiver to take an action by strategically releasing information through an experiment about a payoff relevant. Aware of the intent of the sender to try to change her decision, the receiver can alter the experiment through a hidden action to better learn about the state of the world, capturing the idea that the receiver will not simply let herself be persuaded. I show that many properties of the standard solution are lost when the receiver acts strategically and give some conditions on the primitives under which the standard solution remains feasible even in the presence of moral hazard.

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